Washington State is home to mountain ranges, ocean and deep beautiful rainforests. Washington State resides in the Pacific Northwest and was name after the first President of the United States, George Washington. Most of the population of Washington lives in Seattle’s metropolitan area. Seattle is the center for transportation, business – think Starbucks! Washington State is also home to the grunge rock music scene and some well-known rock bands in American history.

One of the most well known bands to come out of Seattle was Nirvana. Nirvana became famous quickly on the national level after their rise in the Washington State underground music scene. They quickly became known for their lead singer’s, Kurt Cobain, heroin addiction. Although, the state of Washington already had a serious drug problem Kurt Cobains’ heroin addiction and his suicide as the age of 26 really put the state on front-page news.

Due to the large underground music scene, drugs became a normal part of life for those participating. Heroin, that was Kurt Cobain’s drug of choice is widely available in Washington State and centers in Seattle. The main form of heroin available in the Seattle, Washington area is Mexican black tar. According to law enforcement sources, heroin is widely available in Seattle, Washington and heroin use is spreading slowly to the Seattle, Washington suburbs. Along with this is there is a big problem with cocaine, marijuana, and methamphetamine. A lot of the times heroin and cocaine are sometimes injected simultaneously by most users; heroin and crack are sometimes smoked sequentially. Sequential swallowing of clonazepam or alprazolam with heroin has also been reported. An emerging group of heroin users are taking Methamphetamine in combination with the heroin. There are occasional reports of high quality heroin found at the local needle exchanges in Seattle also.

Washington State is not the only state to suffer with drug and alcohol problems though. Nationwide the statistics for drug use are devastating. In 2002 the rate for drug overdoses were up to 100 a day. While this number has fluxuated over the past 10 years, drugs and alcohol will always be a problem regardless of the numbers and that’s why it is necessary for every state to have some kind of drug treatment program available to those seeking help. Washington State has affordable, easily accessible drug treatment available to the alcoholic and addict who may be looking for help. Washington State is one of the many states to offer this kind of help the alcoholic or addict that cannot stop using or drinking.

Drug Rehab Washington State will give you information on the drug problem in Washington and resources on how to get help for drug abuse. Drug Rehab Washington State discusses…

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