Things to do in Seattle

Seattle is a busy and fun tourist filled hub in Washington with many recreational things to do. It is the center of an eclectic and hip atmosphere where you can do anything from visit a coffee shop (not just any coffee shop – the original Starbucks), Spaceneedle, and the Pike Place Market. Seattle is hustling and bustling with entertainment and history you merely have to go out and find it!

Here are some things to do in Seattle:

Visit Starbucks! The first Starbucks store was settle in Seattle’s historic Pike Place Market. It tried to offer a place for conversation, relaxation and world class coffee to all of those who were searching for a quiet and hip arena in which to spend their free time. Since its settlement in Seattle Starbucks can now be found worldwide and all over the United States. In fact Starbucks is probably one of the most well-known companies in the world. So if you are looking for things to do in Seattle this is definitely a must. Go to the mecca of Starbucks, see where it all started, and enjoy a fresh cup of joe.

On your stop to Starbucks you are already in Pike Place Market and Pike Place Market offers plenty of things to do in the beautiful city of Seattle. Pike Place Market is a public market overlooking the bay waterfront in Seattle. The market has been around since 1907 and has stuck around, for good reason. For things to do in Seattle, this is a big one. Named after its central street, Pike Place is one of Seattle’s most popular tourist’s spots. It has a variety of unique shops, antique dealers, comic book shops, family owned restaurants, fishmongers, head shops, craft stalls, and fresh produce stands. Crafts people and farmers sell year round from their tables up and down Pike Place Market. There is an endless amount of things to do in Seattle but just in this Market you could get lost for hours.

In case you were wondering what else is there to do in Seattle; of course we are going to recommend you check out the Spaceneedle. If you don’t know what the space needle is it is a tower in Seattle and a major landmark of the Pacific Northwest region. The Spaceneedle is 605 feet high and 138 feet wide at its widest point. When the Spaceneedle was completed it was the tallest structure west of the Mississippi River. It has 25 lightning rods and can withstand well, about anything. It can handle winds up to 200 miles per hour and earthquakes up to 9.1 on the Richter scale. You can go to the top of the Spaceneedle and eat in the SkyCity restaurant at 500 feet or just check out the observation deck at 520 feet; which also boasts a gift shop.  If you can handle heights then the Spaceneedle is definitely a thing for you to do in Seattle.

These are just three of the most popular things to do in Seattle but there is so much more!! Seattle is home to beautiful people and beautiful things to do. With mountains, the ocean and coffee shops like Starbucks how could you ever run out of things to do in Seattle?